Piątek, Sierpień 4, 2017, 15:36

Yesterday I was very keen to get to know other MMOs after well-known PoE - that is why I uninstalled my PoE - but I had to go to the garden because my friends called me to eat watermelon with them. I do not hide that after a day of power leveling and collecting orbs I enjoyed this watermelon I ate - it was very tasty and is said to be recommended for professional MMMORPG and FPS gamers... (read more)

- for example, casual MMO players should eat more onions and raspberries than watermelons.
Yesterday I walked down the street to my aunt and tripped over the Mirror of Calandra and a couple of Exalts, I thought to myself, "How nice, I'll sell them and I'll donate money to the dog shelter" - but then I found that not necessarily and instead of selling just buy them a little and I will have a lot of exalted orbs to be able to throw them to a metal barrel.
I think drilling ability is more important than drifting ability. Last seen a barrel of PoE Orbs next to a PoE shop. I do not have to admit that the developers of ggg very much but they did very well.

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