What's new in the Path of Exile world? Buy Exalted orbs
Until recently a new War for the Atlas supplement has been released, and the GGG studio is preparing for us another installment and update for PoE.
Maybe in the end there will be some competition for exalted orb, which is what we are the best at
In Path of Exile War for the Atlas, we got new enemies, lots of new weapons, as many as 32 new maps, new game mechanics, new quests.
We also got a new league, the Abyss league.
  Unfortunately, there were no new orbs, and the orbs that were added in Harbinger do not work in Abyss or the league standard.
The creators of Path of Exile, or Grinding Gear Games, announced a break on the next addition ... right after the Christmas break. After Christmas, so soon we can wait for a new version of PoE ... Maybe this time will add some new poe orbs? Maybe in the end some orbs will dethrone the exalted orb?

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