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PoE Currency is a must for good playing in the Path of Exile, it can be acquired which takes quite a long time and requires skill. Or you can buy the right amount of orbs and faster to be a strong hero. The most popular currency in PoE are PoE Orbs. A full list of PoE orbs has been posted on our site. The main currency of the PoE Orbs are two types of Orbs
a) Exalted Orbs - They are worth a lot, usually their price is equivalent to 100 Chaos Orbs
b) Chaos orbs - They are like small money, often used by players at all levels.

Well, the big day came when we saw a new addition to the Path of Exile, the Fall of Oriath. This is a patch 3.0 version and PoE players have been waiting for him for a long time. How does the PoE Orbs market behave in such a situation? How much do PoE Orbs cost? Where to buy PoE Currency? Buy Exalted Orbs? Buy Chaos Orbs? Buy Mirror of Calandra? Buy Patty of Exile Orbs? Buy PoE Orbs? You will find out all by reading our PoE Blog and Orbs in PoE tab. With the addition of the new Patch, so far Exalted Orbs will increase, in proportion to the Exalted will increase the price of Chaos Orbs, it is possible that the cheapest PoE Orbs will not remain indifferent to such a big event. Path of Exile Rules? Best PoE Shop? Cheap Orby? Exalted orbs? Once upon a time, I also played various mmo and mmorpg games, and then there was no PoE yet. Everything started with Diablo 1 and Diablo 2. My childhood games are Fallout, Fallout 2, Heroes Might & Magic III and Heroes Might & Magic IV. I also played other games such as Neverhood, Doom, and later on games like Guild Wars 2, Archeage, and my fovurite Morrowind. Now I play TESO and buy TESO Gold, but I'm the primary path of Exile player. Sometimes people ask me: What is the best MMO game? I'll tell you, Best MMO and MMORPG is the Path of Exile
Exalted Orb
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The best PoE Shop is Chaos Orbs, PoE Currency
You can buy cheap PoE Orbs, cheapest Exalted Orbs and Chaos Orbs, and other Path of Exile Orbs. If you want to buy PoE Currency, Odealo in my opinion is the most trusted PoE Shop 

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Boss of the Path of Exile where to find them? How do they look? What do we have to get from them? Exact description of PoE Bosses and my meetings with them (Pictures inside).
How many Exalted Orbs will I have to use to defeat them all?
Learn everything about
Atziri, Queen of the Vaal
The Shaper
Malachai - The Nightmare
And learn POE Bestiary... (read more)


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Patch 3.0 the Fall of Oriath added new orbs (new poe currency).
Below we publish a full list of new currency in PoE with pictures. Soon the Path of Exile players will use, sell and buy. Will the Exalted Orbs still be the main currency? We'll see... Click here for more info:... (read more)


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I wrote this little guide about PoE Orbs, perhaps it's can be value for beginners - but you must remember about one thing, I'm noob too - so this is text about Orbs from noobs to noobs :-)... (read more)

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